Scooter The Orphaned Kitten

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On a chilly night in October 2010, a little girl begged her parents to let a stray sleep in their garage to keep warm. The stray ran out in the morning, leaving behind 3 newborn kittens, not even cleaned off.

PHOTO: FLICKR.COM/Nenad Stojkovic

The parents didn’t know what to do and they listed the kittens online as needing emergency homes. By the time I’d seen the listing, they were gone, but hours later, the woman who took the kittens posted them online again, saying she had gotten in over her head and needed help.

She was going to deliver the kittens to me the following morning. By 9:00 a.m. only Scooter was still alive.

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When she came to us, she was a day old and weighed three ounces. She was so silky and small. We kept her warm, we kept her fed, and she was very well-loved, but we knew that she might not make it without her mother’s milk.

Still, we got up with her ’round the clock and gave her everything we could. She was developmentally delayed and couldn’t open her eyes or potty on her own at the rate of normal kittens.

PHOTO: Anonymous

She developed stomach issues and was always bloated and in pain, requiring more than a few visits to our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Paulsen. She was two months old before we realized she was going to make it.

Scooter will always be a little weird, and she still has tummy trouble, but she takes a pill twice a day and is as happy as could be. She’ll be turning three this fall and I can’t imagine our life without her.

Rescue story submitted by Anonymous of Ames, Iowa.

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