‘Are You Sure That’s Not a Chipmunk?’ Tiny Kitten Rescued by Determined RN

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I am an R.N. and lactation consultant and had experience with feeding premature babies. In late August 2013, I was outside trimming a shrub when I heard a peeping sound. It sounded like a baby bird, but I couldn’t find it. I located the sound in the planter behind the flowers and just as I saw something moving, I saw a tiny kitten waddle out and drop into my hand.


We had feral cats in the neighborhood, so it wasn’t a total shock. Her eyes weren’t open and her ears were still down. When I took her into the house, my sister said, “Are you sure that is a cat and not a chipmunk?” I was sure. It was Sunday evening and nothing was open, so I called an emergency vet and they told me to get KMR at Walmart.

I took her to my veterinarian the next morning. She was healthy, about a week old, and weighed 8 oz. She hated to bottle feed. I had to get up every 2-4 hours for 5 weeks to feed her. I had to wrap her in a kitchen towel to give her a bottle.

I told her she would eat because if I could feed preemie babies, she was going to eat. She was not going to die on my watch. Her little paws went into crazy mode when feeding. No wonder her mom left her with me. I wouldn’t have breast fed her, either.

She was a talker as soon as she found her voice. She has always been a rascal, so I named her Sassy. She has lived up to her name. There is never a dull moment when she is around. Her favorite toy is an elastic pony tail holder, and when she plays she talks constantly. We have two big dogs and another rescue cat and she is the smallest and youngest, but she is the boss of the house.


You have to say YES when God puts a baby kitty in your hand. Life is full in our house. She has truly been a blessing.

Story submitted by Janet Harden from Birmingham, Alabama.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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