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The foster care coordinator at No-Kill Pima County called me saying that there were six kittens that needed to be fostered immediately. The kittens had been found in a Rubbermaid container in the Sonoran Desert. It was established that they were around three-weeks-old.

When I arrived, I looked in the container and was immediately enamored with the ALL of the kittens, but especially a long haired ginger tiger with an attitude.

That was Samson. He had a gleam in his eye the other five kittens didn’t. When you took a picture, he was looking straight at you, not away or down.


I had just lost my short-haired ginger tom cat, and wanted another ginger to come into my family. About a week after I had said I was ready, Samson appeared. I knew I was going to keep him, and I found homes with people I knew for his siblings.

As an animal communicator, I wanted to show that cats can do most everything dogs do; they just have to be exposed to that type of lifestyle. I decided to take Samson with me when I traveled, and to treat him like he was a sentient being.

Samson did silly things, like playing with his feet, while his brother totally took care of Sam’s grooming routine. I was concerned that I would have to keep “Ziggy” to be Samson’s man servant. Luckily Ziggy was adopted the next week, and Samson trudged thru learning his own personal hygiene. He got good at it by default.

Samson knew that he enjoyed being around people more than most cats. He loved travel, riding in cars, luxuriating in hotel rooms. When he spoke of this to other cats, they thought Samson was crazy because they preferred staying home.


Samson realized that to travel in cars, pose for photos, and go to strange hotels in strange cities was an avenue for him to share the plight of kittens in animal shelters. Seventy percent of the cats killed in shelters are kittens, innocent creatures with a lot of love to share.

Samson knows that animals come into our lives for a purpose, a purpose that is loving and profound. Of course, it is the human’s choice on whether or not to embark on the journey of that purpose with the kitten, or walk away. Every kitten in a shelter is a love affair waiting to start.

He knew he was to be a spokescat for fostering kittens from shelters of all kinds. Samson wants to share with the world the love a rescue cat has to give.

Samson has been very busy proving his core belief, that cats heal. He went to a conference called “BlogPaws” in Phoenix when he was 2-months-old, and he was held and loved by all the conference participants. He got to be a “Taster” for new cat foods and treats, along with whipped cream that he thoroughly enjoyed. Samson LOVES being admired as a beautiful cat, feeling the love the people give him.

Samson has sunglasses he wears at appearances, and working his sunglasses brings a smile to the biggest curmudgeon! Samson has a tight bond with his mom, any place they are together is home.


Samson has modeled at Global Pet Expo for WellPet, again attended BlogPaws, in Myrtle Beach, and worked SuperZoo17 for @CatsRule. Then attended the last two years to keep up on products as an influencer. He has modeled for numerous companies since his first year.

He had a wonderful time meeting cat lovers, giving them great tips about how to make your cats happy. After sitting in his stroller all day, Sam loved a great game of “running thru the hotel rooms” and letting loose.

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Samson’s biggest accomplishment in 2017 was becoming a certified therapy pet with The Southern AZ Humane Society PetVIP program. Samson was the only cat among over 500 dogs in the program. Sam just re-certified as a therapy pet in 2019, and met another cat graduating as a therapy pet. He welcomes the company!

Samson uses the pet therapy opportunity to bring attention to the fact that cats can travel, walk on a leash, stay in a hotel, just like their dog counterparts. Being a therapy cat that shows people the love a shelter cat has to give is right on target for Sam.

With sunglasses, a “Catitude” and several hats, Samson never fails in delighting the patients he visits in a behavioral health facility. He also appears at events for the Humane Society and other specific pet therapy events.


Samson just turned three. He also modeled for the series of paintings I am doing for my foster kittens. Every kitten I have had I am making a “AllSoulsDayKittenz” portrait of them to bring awareness that cats are sentient beings, and also that we need more people to pick up the slack and foster kittens that aren’t old enough to eat on their own.

Samson’s painting is a take on the “American Beauty” with him laying on a bed of red roses.

Samson is on Instagram; he loves grooming, playing and being a big Uncle to all the foster kittens!

Story submitted by Ann Marie Hoff from Tucson, Arizona.

Samson’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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