‘Adorkable’ Cat Lets Tiny Feline Sister Beat Him Up and Chase Him Around the House

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Salem is 9 but acts like a kitten. He is fiercely protective of his brother and sisters. When I was trying to catch his sister to give her some eye drops, he whacked me on the ankles. He always steps in when the others fight.


He likes to stand behind me and stare at me, and when I turn around, he yells and runs. He constantly has the zoomies. Everything he does is silly or funny. I call him my adorkable cat, because he’s both adorable and a huge dork. He lets his much smaller sister beat him up, and chase him around the house.

When my oldest cat died, he took over the duty of sleeping in my bed. He lays on my side every night, puts his face right next to mine, and purrs as loudly as he can. His favorite thing to do when I’m asleep is to meow quietly, then louder, then tap me, and then headbutt me so I will wake up and pat him. He likes kisses on the top of his head, and his way of kissing me is to headbutt me in the face.


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