Cat Trades in His Spot on a Roof for a Warm Bed Inside

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I was cutting my back yard and looked up on the roof, and there was a magnificent grey cat. We kept eyeing each other, he, moving his head back and forth with the movements of my mowing and me, checking to see if he was still there. By the time I was putting the mower away in my storage shed, he was on top of the shed. I put my hand up toward him and he sniffed it. I said, “So do I pass?” He jumped down and followed me into the house and slept by my head that night and every night since. He became Rufus.


We used to play this game where he popped the screen on my bedroom window. Every time, I would get up and go outside, lift him off the sill and carry him like a baby. We are consistent at our house. It was December, and about 4 degrees out at 11 PM and he was on the sill popping the screen. Did I mention this was a warm weather activity?

I moaned but put on my robe and slippers and went outside to get him. It was there I discovered another cat, crying from the cold. After bringing him in. I saved the other cat and got him back to his owner. After that, he became my “Mensa” kitty. He has a vast vocabulary and has, thus far, been able to solve the treat puzzles that I’ve made for him.

He got me out of the bath when a pan was burning on the stove…I just adore him and am glad we found each other…


Story submitted by Ginny from Denver, Colorado.

Rufus’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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