Dog That Had Been Confined to Crate for Most of His Life Finds Loving New Home

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I found my little guy on Craigslist offered up for free. I’d been looking for a dachshund after falling in love with my daughter’s. Couldn’t believe anyone would offer one up for free but I was excited. Drove about 50 miles to see him. Starting out I wasn’t sure I was going to take him, but when I asked about what his routine was, I was horrified and knew right away he was mine.


His former owner lived in a tiny studio and kept him crated around 20 hours per day. When I asked him about being house trained he said, “No, he just goes in his crate,” which was tiny by the way. I asked if he used potty pads in the crate. He said, “No, he just chews them up.” Really!?! So he sits in his crate for 20 hours per day with his poop and pee? Um, yeah. I’m taking him. What’s his name? “Ciroque.” Sounds cute, right? No, it’s actually a brand of flavored vodka put out by rapper Snoop Dogg, which I found out from my daughter. Okay, his name is now Rocky.

When we got home, I laid down on the couch with him and he snuggled into my body as if he’d never been able to before. Pretty soon I felt a warmth seeping into my side and realized he had peed in his sleep. Because of his former situation he didn’t even know when he had to go! I live in a redwood forest with a fair amount of wildlife around so he never goes outside alone. The first few times I took him out he was terrified by the squawking of blue jays and crows, but eventually adjusted.

It took some keen observation to learn his cues and a ton of patience, but we managed to get through potty training. At first, I put his crate in the living room with pads in it and the doors open as sort of a doggie litter box and it helped with the transition to “going” outside. Oh, he still has “accidents” and is not at all fond of going out when the temps drop into the 20’s/30’s, but for the most part he’s gotten quite good at it.

Now Rocky is the light of my life. I love him dearly and cannot imagine life without him. When I come home from being out, he rushes to me jumping and yipping until I can pick him up to snuggle and get kisses. He is definitely a “one person dog,” and even though he’s not vicious towards anyone, he really only wants to be held and loved on by his “mom.”


I am extremely lucky to have found him. We’ve all heard horror stories of dogs being offered for free on Craigslist ending up as “bait dogs” and worse, so I shudder to think what his fate could have been had I not seen that ad.

My life has been infinitely better with Rocky in it. I wish everyone who has the means, time and love to give would adopt a “rescue” animal. Dog, cat, rabbit, even a pig, they all can make wonderful companions and they all deserve loving homes.

Story submitted by Shelli Gordon from Boulder Creek, California.

Rocky’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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