Woman Uses Leftover Fajitas to Lure Skittish Kitten Off the Road

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We were going to visit friends in Charleston, South Carolina. We stopped to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and only God knows why, I boxed up my leftover fajitas to take with us. It was not a normal thing to do since we were on vacation and still had six hours to drive.


In just a few minutes we came to a “T” on a very busy road. As we made our turn, something caught my eye coming out of a storm drain. It was a tiny grey kitten, and he was so close to the dump trucks speeding down the road. I pulled over and coaxed him out of the drain with… wait for it… the fajitas!

The big trucks and speeding cars were so close as I was trying to get him, it was only a matter of time before he would have been road kill. There were no houses in the area, so we knew he was on his own. We took him with us to Charleston, fully intending on taking him to a shelter. I already had two cats.

Before we turned him over to the shelter, we decided to spend the money for the vet to ensure he was healthy enough. (You see where this is going, don’t you?) The vet said he was about 7-weeks-old, only two days from starvation, and had the worst case of ear mites he had ever seen, but not a flea on him! So with all the strength I could muster, we turned him into the shelter…

Nah, we brought him home. (See, you did see that coming) That was almost nine years ago. For about two years, he would go absolutely crazy when it came feeding time because of his near starvation. The vet said he may never get over it. He still is very vocal when I am preparing his food, but he trusts us enough to know he will not go hungry ever again. He is a hot mess, and we love him.


You think we would have named him Fajita, or Stormy (he is all grey, and was in a storm drain), but the name “Road” just seemed to fit.

Story submitted by Debby G. from Niceville, Florida.

Road’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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