Cat Who Went to Shelter After Owner Got Sick Becomes a Determined ‘Foster Fail’

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Poochie’s human mom was very ill, and all she wanted was for him to find a fur-ever home before she passed. I was a foster mom and got drawn in by the caption “Make her dying wish come true.” I was told Poochie had completely shut down and would not relate to anyone in the shelter. I asked if I could help and was told “come on by and meet him.”


I took Poochie home and left him to relax in my master bath. I wanted him to be comfortable before I made an attempt to bring him out of his crate. The next day, I decided to take the cover off so I wouldn’t have to pull him out. When I reached in to pick him up, he held on and wouldn’t let go! He became very attached to me and let me know in every way, he wanted to stay.

I had promised my husband, no more “failed fosters.” I continued to love Pooch and bring him to adoption events. After the first one, he reverted back to his “shelter mode.” I was encouraged by the other foster moms to continue to bring him, he would come around.

That first night, when we got home after the event, he ran into the bedroom and hid under the bed, something he never did before. In the middle of the night he came into bed with me and showed me how desperate he was to stay. I wanted to keep my promise to my husband, so I continued to bring Poochie to the adoption events. He continued to hide and not have anything to do with anybody!

They asked me if I wanted to leave him at Petsmart, where it was a quiet environment where the volunteers took a lot of time to get to know the adoptees. He’ll come around, they said. I felt terrible leaving him but thought it best to give him a chance. After a week went by, I went to visit.

He was no where to be seen! I asked “Where’s Poochie”? They said, “He’s hiding under the bed, we didn’t have any luck bringing him around.” I decided he belonged with me! I was going to take him home for good! With my husband’s blessing, I did.


We made it official and Poochie, now known as Henry James, came home with me for good! I could see him peeking out to see if it was for real. He has been the best behaved and loving cat that I’ve ever known! Sometimes you just have to accept what’s meant to be, and Henry James was meant to be with us – and we’re living “Happily ever after!”

Story submitted by Sharon Kaye from Asheville, North Carolina.

Poochie’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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