“Speak for Me,” A Poem Written In Protest Of Animal Abuse

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I haven’t seen anyone for days.
My bones ache for attention,
As I see you walk away.
It didn’t use to be that way.
I guess I got to be too much to handle
As I now sit alone in my deserted land.
I have no voice of my own.
I need you to speak for me.

Photo: Lauren Roller

The days are long as I waste away.
Nowhere to go, I pull at the chains,
Welts at my neck, blood, misery, and pain.
Can anybody speak for me?

As hunger rots my core, I wonder where you are,
And why you have left me here to suffer.
What agony did I cause to deserve this punishment?
Can anybody speak for me?

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Do you even remember my name?
When your pellets silence my
Howling cries in the night?

With not even a grassy patch
To rest my weary head upon,
Dirt is all that remains from my constant pacing.
Can someone please speak for me?

Photo: Pixabay

I lay here dying and unloved.
As I am being tossed away with the banana peels
And other gluttonous garbage,
I needed you to speak for me.

Poem submitted by Lauren Roller, from Hewitt, TX.

This rescue story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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