Needed Another Bunny Heartbeat in My Home

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I had an amazing bunny named Cedric for almost 9 years. He came to me from my 17-year-old daughter by way of her devoted boyfriend. When Cedric passed, I was devastated. He was always there to greet me when I returned home from work, galloping toward me each evening as I walked upstairs towards his territory.

Photo: Lynn Kline

I was in a dark mood for a few weeks until I realized that I needed another heartbeat in the house. I found a bunny rescue site not far from my home in New Jersey, and there was an all-black rabbit pictured there who had been recently rescued and was now in foster care. He had been dodging cars and trucks, living on the streets after some ignorant human had no doubt dumped him there.

Photo: Flickr/jamjar

I put in my info to adopt him, and after some very diligent background checks from the rescue people, I was cleared to adopt him. I renamed him Pete, and he has been an amazing addition to my family. He can still be a bit shy, probably due to living on the streets, but he runs to me when I call him by name (especially if I am shaking his bunny-treats)!

Story submitted by Lynn Kline, from Lambertville, NJ.

Pete’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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