Penney’s Rescue Story

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Less than two months after my dad passed away from cancer, a friend’s sister was holding a benefit to raise money for her cancer treatment. My 19-year-old sister and I went to the benefit to show our support and participated in the auction. The auction included many items, including two 4-month-old puppies. Penney was being auctioned off to raise money with her brother from the same litter, who sold for $200.

Photo: Pixabay

But unlike her brother, Penney wasn’t registered because she had been sold to an abusive family that eventually sold her back. When Penney’s turn to be auctioned came up, no one bid on her. My sister kept urging me to bid on her, but I had my doubts that we would be a good home for a puppy. We were on our own after my dad passed and could barely afford to feed ourselves. The amount got down to $20 dollars and I finally raised my bidding paddle at my sister’s prompting. It was the best gift she has ever given me.

Photo submitted by Penney’s owner

My sister swore she would feed and take care of this dog, but the first day Penney peed on the floor and my sister yelled “your dog peed!” After that it was just me and Penney, she has been with me through college and working two jobs to make ends meet. You could tell she had been mistreated, but Penney quickly realized she had me wrapped around her little paw and would never be mistreated again.

She has been with me through very tough times and very good times, but unlike anyone else, she was always there. When I look back, I like to think Penney was a gift from my dad. She will be 10 years old this fall and I look back on that day and am so thankful for my sister’s urging. Penney is my rock and lazy little gal.

Story submitted by an anonymous reader from Huntsville, TX.

Penney’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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