To My Former Family

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PHOTO: Holly

To My Former Family:

I say “former” family because I will never be coming back to you.

This morning, I was peeled off the frozen ground by a passer-by who happened to notice me frost-bitten, scared and literally frozen to the ground. I guess you forgot to bring me inside again last night when you knew temperatures were going to dip below minus 34 with the windchill.

Maybe you assumed I was invincible since I never got hit and killed by a car like my three brothers and sisters did over the past year.

It’s okay, you don’t need to worry about me anymore. I may be blind in both eyes now, but I know my forever family will take good care of me.

I don’t ask for much, just a bit of food, water and a warm place to curl up. If I get that, I know I can’t help but purr and melt into your warm hands.


So now as I wait for my forever home, please know that I don’t blame you for what you did or didn’t do for me…you probably didn’t know that I was curled up waiting to die while you slept warm in your bed.

I have to go now, the lady who rescued me is shaking a bag of treats! I overhead her saying that she will never bring me back to you. Never ever. I guess she thinks I’m pretty special! Bye forever.



Story submitted by Holly of North Bay, Canada.

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Rascal’s Mom Found Her a Home with Us

Rascal was 6-8-weeks-old when she arrived in August 2015 at our back door with her mom and a littermate. After years of rescuing community cats, I knew what to do. Out went the food and water for Mom and some kitten milk and gruel for the little ones.

After about a week, I was able to catch Mom and have her spayed. Her kittens scattered when I caught her, but they were very glad to return when she came back outdoors to them. Eventually, after weeks of feeding them all, I was able to stroke the forehead of one kitten, our soon-to-be housemate.

As it got colder into the fall, I put out beds with warmers for them all, but Mom and one kitten stopped coming around. I looked for them in the neighborhood but they seemed to have gone to ground. But Rascal kept coming so I kept feeding her and freshening her bedding. We got all the way to Thanksgiving, but she still wouldn’t let me do more than touch her forehead with two fingers.


One night in early December, we had a cold snap and I couldn’t sleep thinking about Rascal out there in the cold, so I went downstairs and warmed up some milk. I put the dish of milk just inside my back door, near the woodpile where Rascal was sheltering, and waited. She crept out, put her front paws up on the door sill to reach the warm milk, and I scooped her into the house. She startled but then happily settled down to drinking her milk in the warm room.

From that day to this, she’s been our joy. I really regret not being able to rescue the other two, but Rascal seemed like she was choosing to stay with us when they chose another path. To this day, whenever Rascal gets scared, (like by the house alarm she occasionally sets off!) stroking her forehead with two fingers calms her right down.

Story submitted by Sharon Ann Holt from Trenton, New Jersey.

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Little Deaf Simon

On a very hot summer day, exactly a month after I had to put my favorite orange tabby boy “Loaf” to sleep, I was on a jog around my neighborhood. I was about half a block away from the chain link fence that separates the neighborhood street from the freeway when a teeny, tiny little white puff ball jumped out at me arching his back!

I looked around and found no one who I might be able to talk with. I scooped him up and started walking around asking the few people outside if they might know where this kitty had come from. No one seemed to care or have much information. Having had prior experience fostering cats, I knew enough to guess, based on his white coat and blue eyes, that he might be deaf. I brought him home, cleaned up his dirty little face and gave him food and water. It was so hot that day!


My husband and I walked around the area where I found him daily for several weeks and still found no fliers or people who might claim this little munchkin. I was determined not to get attached and keep him since we already had three kitties but alas, he was ours. It’s been 6 1/2 years since that day and I thank my lucky stars every single day.

Our guy is so funny, playful, sweet and LOUD. He lets out loud meows sometimes and my husband jokes it’s because he likes the feel of the vibrations in his head! He still plays games and romps around the house daily even though he’s six. We assume it must be because he’s deaf as we’ve never had such a playful adult cat. He makes us laugh daily and has brought us many years of pure joy. We just adore him. The fact that he showed up on the one month anniversary of losing my cherished boy Loaf just proves how special he is. A little gift from the universe.

Story submitted by Melanie from Los Angeles, California.

Patience’s, Rascal’s, and Simon’s stories were originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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