Four-Pound Cat with Dwarfism Wins Hearts with His Unique Spirit

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Ozzy came to us in August of 2020. He was brought in by a kind couple who found him all alone while they were house hunting. They knew they couldn’t just leave him there.


He had a number of issues like conjunctivitis and parasites of all kinds. Once things cleared up, we realized he was special! Our sweet Ozzy bear has a form of dwarfism called osteochondrodysplasia. This is the reason for his short thick limbs and tail. He also has the cutest bow-legged stance along with his most notable feature, his large teeth. One of them sticks out all the time, giving him his unique appearance.


He weighs in at around 4 pounds fully grown and we are very careful to watch his weight, as that is one of the health concerns with dwarfism in cats. He shares the vet clinic with his regular sized “brother from another mother,” appropriately named Yellow Cat.

Ozzy looks up to his brother, who was taught him how to be a cat. They do everything together and Yellow is very gentle with him in all aspects. We are so glad Ozzy made his way to us. He has so many caregivers, free healthcare for life, and more love than he can stand.


Follow this boy’s sweet journey on Instagram at @ozzythedwarfkitty.

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