Forever, No Matter The Cost

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A few years ago, my cousin’s friend, who worked for a vet, told him about these two puppies found left for dead in a bucket of water. The female was in better shape and had already found a home, but the male wasn’t so lucky — they weren’t sure he’d make it.

My cousin said that if he survived, he would take him, but at the time he was renting a home from my dad, who had never been a dog person. The puppy did survive — he was such a tough little guy — but shortly after my cousin took him home, my dad found out and said he wouldn’t allow it.

Photo: Whitney McLaughlin

My cousin had named the puppy Otis and was sad to let him go, but he took him back to the vet’s office. When I found out I was so angry. All I could see was that this poor little puppy had been through so much already in his (maybe) 8 weeks of life and he needed to be loved, not returned. I called my cousin’s friend and that night at 11pm. I picked up Otis and promised him that I would give him a forever home.

I was a hardworking, but broke, college student and I knew this meant more sacrifices, but I needed his love as much as he needed mine. I knew Otis was worth every possible sacrifice. I believe we found each other when we needed each other most.

Photo: Flickr/Croswald9

Today Otis is a happy, healthy boy. We actually live at the same house now that my dad originally said he couldn’t live at – I guess I’m better at not taking ‘no’ for an answer. I might have a few less shoes than I started with – but like I said, sacrifices!

Oh, and he’s never held a grudge against whoever left him in that bucket – Otis loves to swim and has a huge heart! In this photo he’s covered in mud. He loves to dig and I’m a firm believer that a dirty dog is a happy dog.

Story submitted by Whitney McLaughlin, from Los Angeles, CA.

Otis’ story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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