Cat Rescued After Surviving Rollover Crash

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Oscar was found in a trash dumpster by the trash man. He was about a week old. On the way to his new home, the trash man rolled his truck. When my officer showed up to work the accident, they heard Oscar crying while they were loading up the vehicle on the rollback.


The officer found him tucked up underneath the seat. He called and asked me what he was supposed to do with the kitten. I told him to bring him to me.

For the next four/five weeks, little Oscar came back and forth with me to work. He got spoiled really quickly by the other ladies in the office. They would take him and play with him on their lunch break and used a straw as a play toy. Now that little devil has a straw fetish. If you leave a straw unattended, it is gone.

He is a huge, big ole boy now. He is actually a bully to the other cats in the house. When he wants to sit in your lap, you don’t have a choice. He will force himself onto your lap, just ask my husband. He really loves brushing and will push the others out of the way to get to the brush.


He loves playing in the bathtub with water. Our faucet drips, he jumps in the tub and smacks the dripping water and washes himself.

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