Loving Rescue Cat Takes Care of His Special Needs Feline Brother

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Meet Nibbles. Nibbles came into the family and immediately adopted my special needs cat Wiggles, who is now 16 years old. At the time, Nibbles was 3 years old and Wiggles was 13. Nibbles decided that Wiggles needed someone to watch over him. He now makes sure that all of Wiggles’ needs are met.


Wiggles has only three legs and has some difficulty getting around. He can’t jump up on things, so he needs help climbing up on my bed. Nibbles will come and get me when Wiggles wants to get up on the big bed or needs treats. It is adorable. When Nibbles can’t find Wiggles, he panics, looks for him everywhere, and goes through the entire house calling for him. It is adorable!

The other cute thing that is so unusual about Nibbles is he is a super clean cat. I caught him grooming himself. He does not wash his face like other cats. He dips his paw in the water bowl, splashes his face with water and then rubs water over his face to clean it. If he could use both front paws at the same time, he would scoop up the water like a human!


The bond between Nibbles and Wiggles is incredible and I dread the day something happens to Wiggles. I do not know how Nibbles is going to deal with it.

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