Pair of Helpers Steps in to Keep Kittens Fed When Their Mom Disappears

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One fine morning, a multi-colored stray cat showed up at our place out of the blue. She was thin, malnourished and weak. We started calling her Multi because of her Calico pattern. We began feeding her the scraps and she soon turned out to be an expecting mom. We allowed her inside and provided her a safe space for delivery. Soon we found ourselves ordering the best quality cat food for her!


One beautiful morning, she gave birth to four little fur balls inside my cupboard. We called them Coconut, Caramel, Coffee and Caifi.

After a few days of delivery, Multi went out and disappeared all of a sudden. Hour upon hour passed. We knew the babies were starving. We waited for seven hours but to no avail. And then I frantically started seeking help.

At last a Facebook friend Hirra guided me on how to arrange lactogen free milk and how to feed the kitties and help them eliminate. It was one of the toughest nights of my life. I knew four angelic lives were wholly dependent on me for survival.

I rushed to the pharmacy, bought lactogen free milk, droppers and cotton and began feeding them every few hours. The night passed, the day dawned and so did Multi, after a good 16 hours. A wave of happiness overcame us all.


Currently Multi’s babies are almost 2-months-old and she is feeding them diligently. They have all grown up to be healthy, naughty and beautiful fur babies. This post is basically a tribute to Hirra, with whose guidance I was able to conquer the darkness of that agonizing night! This world is a beautiful place because of people like you!

Story submitted by Mehvish Syed from Lahore, Pakistan.

Multi’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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