Stray Cat Brings Kittens Over to Friendly People Who Feed Her

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Late summer two years ago, a black cat showed up at our house. I started putting out food and water hoping to keep it fed so it wouldn’t kill the wild birds that came to the feeder.


As cold weather approached, I made a feral cat house out of a cooler for it. It went unused. I continued to put food and water out, and the food would be gone the next day. I would not see the cat everyday and was not sure where it went to keep warm in the below freezing temps.

In the spring while I was away caring for a sick brother, my husband called and said that the cat that I thought was a male had kittens in our shed. When I came home a month later, the now “Momma Kitty” growled and hissed when I went to put food out. We decided to trap her to have her spayed, as I did not see the babies nursing.

After leaving her at the vet, I trapped the three kittens and brought them inside to socialize with the hopes of finding them forever homes. After the doctor spayed “Momma,” she called to inform us that “This cat has never had kittens.” When we asked where the babies came from she said “Momma” probably stole them.

After returning “Momma” to our yard, we soon started to hear coyotes nearby. We enclosed the porch with hardware cloth and made an insulated house with a light for the winter. She soon became tame enough to pet and pick up for a few seconds.


Well, you can probably guess, “Momma” and all three kittens found their forever homes – inside with our other cat and two dogs. All get along fine and keep us entertained.

Story submitted by Faye Kratzer from Robbinsville, North Carolina.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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