Runt of the Litter Who Was Scared of Everything Becomes Her Human’s Constant Companion

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In 2015, my husband, daughter and I rescued two abused dogs, Zoey and Ruger. In 2016 however, our daughter graduated college, got a job, bought a home and took the dogs with her when she moved out! Overnight, we were empty nesters! Our daughter AND the dogs. I was depressed. My husband and I said, “Let’s rescue another dog!” So, we rescued Tikka. Sadly and unexpectedly, Tikka passed only two weeks after we rescued her. We were depressed and devastated. Enter Miss Molly!


Molly had been the runt of a litter that was dropped at a rescue. She was scared of everything, she was so tiny and she was a crier! She needed us, but we found that we needed her so much more.

Molly has been with me through surgeries, depression, days I felt I couldn’t get out of bed and then, COVID. I was sent home to work in March of 2020 and for 18 months, Molly was my coworker/office mate. Long lonely days staring at a screen, but graced by this beautiful pup laying at my feet. When I was called back to the office, I was so worried about her being alone through the day that I hired people to come spend time with her if I am having a long day in the office.


Molly is only 6, but she has some health issues. She has hip problems, arthritis and a lump on her face that the vet doesn’t want to chance removing as it is so close to her eye and surrounded by lots of blood vessels. Due to some of her issues, her life may not be a long life, but we will do whatever it takes to make it as long as possible! She is my girl. She isn’t just a dog. She is a co-worker, a comforter, a playmate and my heart!

If we were to win, the funds would go directly to her care and the vet bills we know are coming with her hips and arthritis. Every night my husband lifts her (90 pounds) onto our bed where she has a blanket and her own pillow. I would love to buy a ramp for her to be able to get up and down on her own!


My girl is the best, and I cherish every day we get to spend with her. She is family. A dog’s life is short and the days are long. We want to give her the best life possible full of great experiences and lots of love because she’s our girl!!

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