After Being Overlooked in Shelter, Bonded Older Dogs Finally Find a Home Together

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We had just lost my rescued JR Terrier, Dixie, unexpectedly at 4 years old in 2015. Even though we still had other fur babies, she left a big hole. So we started looking to fill that space with another pup needing a forever home.


I was looking for a lap dog (Yorkie or the like) so we went to the Animal Rescue League of NH’s website. That’s when we saw those faces: beagle/terrier mixes, a bonded pair, mother and daughter, 8 and 6 years old. The backstory was something like ‘spent their whole lives together in an outside cage, very shy and timid, the daughter wouldn’t let mom out of her sight.’ They’d been in the shelter for six months and only had a couple of inquiries. They had three strikes against them: they HAD to go together, they were older and they would require LOTS of special attention with someone who could spend a significant amount of time with them.

My husband said, “Let’s go take a look, they shouldn’t be in a shelter.” Well, you know how that went. Of course, they came home with us. We renamed them Molly (mom) and Millie (hence the M&M’s). They got along well with their rescued siblings (dogs and cats), and with lots of love and patience, Millie was eventually able to let Molly out of her sight.


They slept together in a kennel at night – until they decided sleeping on the bed with daddy was way better! They became the world’s greatest couch potatoes and would tattle on their brothers if they were hogging the couch. We had Molly for two wonderful years before we lost her recently to cancer. We were concerned that Millie wouldn’t adapt – but she’s doing well, maintaining her couch potato status and demanding and getting all the attention she can handle.

Older animals requiring special attention deserve the chance to be loved and happy in a forever home. Don’t overlook them. Their love and devotion make all your efforts worthwhile! PLEASE – ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!

Story submitted by Theresa Ingle from Antrim, New Hampshire.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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