Blind Cat Rescued After a Year of Waiting for a Forever Home

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I first met Moet when I went to the vet one day for the usual supplies and was asking about getting another cat or kitten. As they knew me well and also knew my love of cats and care for them, they said they had a 1-year-old blind cat up for adoption, but that it wouldn’t be advertised because they wanted just the ‘right’ owner for her. My instant reaction was that I didn’t want a blind cat. I’m out all day at work, and a ‘special needs’ cat just instantly seemed too ‘difficult.’


However, they persuaded me to “just come and see her.” So I did, as I love cats and can never resist the opportunity to give any cat some attention! There she was, a sweet little champagne-coloured Persian, with stitches in her eyes where they had recently been removed. She also had a cone collar on. I crouched down next to her to stroke her and instantly she rolled over for tummy rubs and purred really loudly. I was sold. How could I not take her? She was utterly adorable.

I asked how she had come to be blind and was told that she was one of a few that had recently been rescued from a pet shop. She was already blind (and had been for several months they thought) and her eyes were a source of infection, so they had to be removed completely. It was such a sad face but such a happy cat. She’d spent her life in a pet shop cage with no love and care, little food/water and no toys and a dirty cage. Yet still she was so happy. The blindness was caused by untreated cat flu and her eyes had to be removed to prevent them causing infection from decay.


A year and a half on, she is a vibrant, adventurous and incredibly happy girl. She gets around my flat like any sighted cat would; chasing balls around at top speed, catching feather toys and even climbing my six-foot cat tree! She also loves her rescue siblings, Luna, Lily and Cosmo.

Story submitted by Emily from Muscat, Oman.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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