My Beautiful Tripod

Missy was 4 months old when I rescued her from the County Animal Shelter. Full of life and a hand full.

PHOTO: Tammy Moore

I lived on almost 3 acres so she had plenty of room to explore. But the 3 acres weren’t quite enough for her and she would want to chase the critters outside the fence and jump it or dig underneath.

Daily, I was replacing the fencing or patching the holes she would dig to get out. Went as far as installing an electric fence. Her fur is so thick that it didn’t penetrate deep enough to phase her.

On New Years Eve, I realized I hadn’t heard a peep from Missy. Where is she? I wondered outside looking and calling for her. I heard nothing, seen nothing. So I grabbed a flashlight and went wondering the property.

I found her. My worst fear came true. She was hit by a car.

She was sitting up right like normal on the other side of the garage. I pointed flashlight at her face then down her body and thats when I seen her leg. What was left of it.

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She was in shock and lost a lot of blood. My first thought was- its New Years Eve, what vet will be open?

I found one and they were very prompt in helping me with her. They called in a surgeon to amputate her right rear leg at the hip and also had a sub-vet to watch over the animals for the holidays.

I had to leave her for the night.


The next day the sub-vet called me and said, “Your baby just ran out of the cage on 3 leg’s looking for you, she is sitting by the front door as we speak.” My heart skipped a beat and I smiled from ear to ear. That’s my Missy. She is my child.

She isn’t so active now (she’s 8 years old) but she is still full of life and still makes me smile every day.

Story submitted by Tammy Moore of Desert Hot Springs, California.

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