Miracle’s Rescue Story

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Some might call it luck, others might say ‘what’s the big deal it’s just a cat?’. But here at Paradise Animal Rescue Inc., we call it a miracle! And true enough it is!

A call was taken in one day by a volunteer at PAR. A worker who was working on a new well had heard the faint cry of a kitten. On closer examination, two partially submerged kittens were found inside the main pipe of the well. One of the kittens was crying for help as her sister lay next to her unconscious, hypothermic, and near death.

Photo: Emaline Martin

The two were immediately brought to PAR. The kitten’s sister who was in a crate across the room cried the whole time when she saw what her sister was like. Cry after cry was heard from her and the sick kitten tried with every amount of strength she had to get up and respond, but she could not.

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The very sick kitten had to have an IV every half hour, had to be hand-fed, and needed around-the-clock care. The volunteer who took the kitten home to take care of her awoke one morning to see the kitten completely alive and healthy sitting on her looking at her! She had crawled up onto her in the middle of the night after being so near death a little while ago.

Photo: Pixabay

To some, this might not seem like much. But taking it from the kitten’s point of view or thinking about this as if this was a human recovery, then what would you think? Truly it was a miracle, and that is how the kitten got her name, Miracle, and her sister was named Phoenix.

Both kittens are now adopted to their own loving forever home and they are doing wonderfully!

Story submitted by Emaline Martin, from Lapeer, MI.

Miracle’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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