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I broke up with my boyfriend and lost my beloved Labrador in the ‘divorce.’ I was heartbroken and knew I needed another dog. I found Millie on Pet Rescue! I called Pet Rescue and was transferred to Koolie Rescue who had Millie. I’d never even heard of Koolies.

Kerrie from Koolie Rescue had just been part of a raid on an illegal, shameful and horrible puppy farm in South Australia. The dogs were being starved, beaten and abused on this farm. This illegal farm was planning on sending Millie and other dogs to China, which was so they could be made into fur coats or food or both!


When the puppies and dogs came to Kerrie, they were starved to death, frightened and generally feral. Millie was pregnant and she was only a puppy herself! A lot of the dogs had to go on drips and lost limbs from their awful treatment. When I picked up Millie she was unbelievably dirty and frightened. She was so filthy she didn’t have white patches anymore! She had red weeping eyes and was generally hungry and feral when I got her, but Kerrie assured me that Koolies are the most adaptable, good natured, clever dogs she has ever worked with and soon her smile would return. (Koolies are known for smiling usually!)

I had cried myself to sleep every night grieving prior to Millie’s arrival, but now she was here, we huddled up together like two little damaged peas in a pod. She started smiling a few weeks later! She has a beautiful coat like camouflage print, and she has a very cute way of dancing on her back hind legs. She is so affectionate and clever. I can honestly say Millie rescued me more than I rescued her! She is a very happy little dog now- so different from the shivering, dirty scared puppy that arrived!


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