Neighborhood Stray Cat Finally Learns to Trust After Family Heals its Injuries

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Our Mama chose our back patio to have her litter of kittens. We usually have a shelter and food out for the neighborhood strays, and she picked us. She had her litter and decided to move them into the sewers about 10 days later. Then came the rains.


She tried to get us to follow her and we tried. She ran so fast through the weeds we didn’t know which way she went. We had to chalked it up to the strong shall live. After a couple of months, she had another litter on our back patio. We were able to capture her and the kittens and let them use our garage as a home until they were old enough to adopt out.

We decided to get Mama fixed and after the kittens were adopted, we let her back outside. She chose to come in once in a while and then more and more regularly. About a year later, she had been gone for about three days. We called for her and left food and water out. We looked in the shelter constantly, hoping that she’d turn up.

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On the third day, she turned up in the shelter, cowering in the corner. I turned to my husband and said, “Honey, she’s hurt!” So, I pulled her out of the shelter and brought her inside. She had a nasty scratch under her left eye and a slash down her nose and mouth. We brought her inside and cleaned her up. We let her stay inside and had to go to work. I made a vet appointment for her later in the day.


We had to force feed her watered-down food and water for about two days. Then she’d come out to eat a little and drink a little on her own. She slept for almost two weeks straight! After that, she trusts us completely. She has learned how to play and loves to play chase with her sisters. We called her Mama because that is what she was and it stuck.

Story submitted by Susan Eck from Farmington, Minnesota.

Mama’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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