Lucky & Kittery: We’re Not Counting Days, We’re Making Days Count

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Pal Robin Desmet, former Valley Patriot “Kitty’s Corner” columnist and respected MSPCA volunteer, goaded me into meeting the shelter’s senior cats just in case one took my fancy. They all did but most were spoken for. But one buff beauty caught my eye and heart when he strutted his spry stuff in my presence. Lucky had been in this very room as a kitten, spent 14 loving years with a caretaker who recently entered hospice, then spent another 9 months in a difficult foster situation. His luck was about to change.

Photo: Blair Sorrel

A year ago Sunday, Lucky came to live out his golden years with me, where he has been treated like 14K gold. Lucky is handsome and his puss truly belongs on the cover of the feline version of AARP as an inspiration to people and pets alike. No one would ever guess he’s now 17!

Pre-COVID, I was also out and about more (like most folks) so I wanted my precious guy to have a pal even as just a grooming partner. I returned to the MSPCA in August for the “Holding Out for Heroes” event and considered adopting a gorgeous white domestic shorthaired cat, Bella, who required a special diet, or the equally lovely Giselle. Once again, my prospects were spoken for.

Photo: Blair Sorrel

But then I saw the owl-like face of a timid tabby, Kittery, and knew she was the one. This poor dame had spent her 4 years living with 30 other cats in a hoarding situation, then waited another 5 months for someone to adopt her in the shelter. I noticed her ear was mangled and that she was matted but had no inkling of just how frightened she was. Anyhow I felt for this unsocialized, special-needs gal who reminded me of that wallflower at the mixer who is never asked to dance.

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Photo: Blair Sorrel

Rescues all bond with their feeder and, over time, this Maine Coon mix cutie has made great strides — but I also let her call all the shots. Within 3 weeks, she began to relate, crying for her morning feeding. Within 10 months, she was loudly purring and jumping onto the bed to be petted and cuddle. Now she greets me at the front door of my apartment and will usually linger near me.

Kittery loves being rescued but I have always felt they really rescue us. I don’t know how I would have survived this homestay without my pair of appreciative, doting roommates. Fortunately for them, they have managed to sleep through this crisis.

Story submitted by Blair Sorrel, from Lawrence, MA.

Lucky and Kittery’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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