Dog Abandoned by Former Family Grows Strong Attachment to New Foster

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While walking dogs at the shelter, I saw you in the back row in the last cage. I took you for a walk and you were so happy. I found out that you were pushed from a car and left on a stranger’s lawn, where you waited two days for your owner to come back.

I was saddened when your heart worm test came back positive. Our group voted to pay for treatment if someone would foster you. I volunteered. You were so well-behaved at home and finally healthy, so I found you a home. Friday, you left with your new master, but soon I found you were trying to find me and wanted nothing to do with your new home. Sunday, you were back with me and I made sure it was forever.


Later, I lost you during a storm and was devastated. We finally found you a mile away and were so happy. Four wonderful years later, our time ended when your cancer began to prevent our walks that you loved. On your last day with me, I gave you ice cream, one last walk, a lot of hugs and a final car ride to the place that would end your life.

Tail wagging, you saw the people who helped save you. Then on the floor, I held you until I could no longer feel your heart beat. As I left, I felt I had forgotten something, then remembered it was you.

I still cannot talk about you to anyone, but I have your ashes on a desk where I can see you daily. You were my best buddy, walking partner, and friend. Always in my heart, Lorenzo. I will never forget you.


Story submitted by John Wright from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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