Lil’ Bette, a Christmas Surprise

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After reading in a neighborhood chat site about a tiny black feral kitten seen in a nearby canyon, I was intrigued and worried for its safety. We have many coyotes where we live. A request went out to help trap and hopefully foster this little baby.


I wasn’t able to help to trap the kitten but I replied with an offer to foster. I got the call two days later asking if I was still willing to foster since the kitten had been caught. Without thinking, I said “Of course!” The very next morning, I realized what I had done while this little one was hissing and spitting at me. It was a week before Christmas and I wasn’t sure this was going to work out.

I called my vet and got an appointment for the day after Christmas. I explained the kitten was feral and I needed to make sure it was healthy before I could think about introducing it to my other two cats. I decided the best place was my bathroom, and every day I would go in every few hours to sit and try to connect with this little spitfire.

Low and behold on Christmas morning this little baby let me hold her! The next day we went to the vet to check everything out. I had warned the staff when I called that she was feral so to expect the worst. Boy, were they surprised that after just one week they were able to handle her with little trouble. I found out she was a *SHE* and barely two pounds but that EVERYTHING checked out beautifully.


Of course by then I knew I was going to join the “Foster Failed” club. It’s been almost six months now, and Lil’ Bette is about six pounds. She still owns my bathroom but has managed to make friends with one of the two dogs and my two cats, and of course has stolen my heart. Goodness knows I wasn’t looking for another cat, but I’m so happy she’s here!

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