Lexi’s Story

I started working at a local animal hospital in November of 2013.

Lexi had come into board with us, and I fell in LOVE instantly with her sweet face. At the time she was 3 years old and was having severe seizures, so she was put on some medication. She would have to board in our treatment area so that we could monitor her in case she would have any seizures during her stay.


While in her previous owners care, she had fallen into their pool several times and almost drowned because of her seizures.

In March of 2015, she had a couple severe seizure episodes, where it would be one after another within seconds and nothing would work but to hospitalize her and give her doses of valium to ease the seizures.

These episodes had caused some neurological damage, and at that time she wasn’t able to walk or see. Her previous owners had discussed with the Veterinarian that they had stopped all of her medication, and that they were considering euthanasia. Right there was the reason she was having these episodes, no medication.

Thankfully, the Veterinarian had convinced them to sign over ownership rights to the hospital.

One night, I received a phone call from my co-worker stating that she wasn’t able to keep Lexi, and that I was her last hope for a good home. Since I was completely in love with her already, there was no way I could say no.

I took her into my home, and we have maintained her on 3 different medications. We are now going into January, and I have almost extended her life a year, she’s walking, and she can see just fine.


She is doing so great, she acts like a young puppy with the way she plays. She is definitely a miracle in my eyes, and a beautiful sweet angel.

I am thankful everyday that I was able to take her in and give her the life that she deserves. I cherish each day with her, because I never know when it will be my last.

Story submitted by Kati.

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