Ladsi And His Close Call

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I was volunteering at a horse therapy riding center in South Korea when I met Ladsi. The dog had been caught in a hunter’s trap and the hunter let him go free, but now the vet had no choice but to amputate his paw. Ladsi went to the Konkuk University Animal Hospital where Prof Seo took him under his wing, but Ladsi’s family asked the hospital to leave him there as a lab animal. The hospital refused.

Photo: Wendy Lee Williams

When I visited him at the ranch, I bought extra bandages and food and asked a ranch hand to redress Ladsi’s wound. On my next visit, I asked the ranch hand if he had changed the bandage and he replied yes. But when I saw Ladsi again, the dog’s bandages were coming loose – allowing me to peek inside. Ladsi’s wounds were rotting under his bandage.

I called a Korean army officer, Colonel Choi, and asked if we could take the dog. At first, the manager said no, but he eventually relented. Outside, Ladsi’s mom was waiting while we got her smelly pup into the backseat of the car. I hugged Ladsi’s mom and promised her I would do everything I could to take good care of her son. That was the last time we all saw each other.

Photo: Flickr/Chris Leung

Back in Seoul, we took the dog to another vet, Dr. Kim, who amputated the same leg twice, each time a little higher for his bone was infected. This has kept him from wearing a prosthesis, but he still gets around okay. I’m so grateful for everyone who allowed me to take care of Ladsi. The dog has been through hell and back, but he is with me till this day.

Story submitted by Wendy Lee Williams, from Seoul, South Korea.

Ladsi’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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