Damaged Goods Need Love Too

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Hello world! My name’s Lacy, and I would like to share with you my life up to now.

Life was a nightmare for me at first. Tied to a line that wanted to hurt me. It got all wrapped up on my leg, cut into me, and infected me! From there it just got worse, off to the Heard Animal Control to fend for myself. They just looked at me with sadness and little hope. I heard one of them say let me make a call. That call paid off! My, oh my, did it ever!


Michelle from the Georgia Humane Society of Atlanta, Georgia came and got me! Off in her car we left. I could hear her making calls, first to the vet. I wasn’t sure what one was, but I KNEW it must be good! Once there, I got to lick everybody that would let me. FUN STUFF

Well, my leg needed to go. I was very scared, but Michelle told me things are going to get better. A call went out on something called Facebook. (FYI I LOVE FACEBOOK) People from all over started loving me and donating to help lil’ ole me.

Well from vet to my foster care I went. My leg healed and I finally got to start playing! One day I was told that some one wanted to take me HOME. That day came and WOW did I SCORE! There was a doggie bed and toys for me in his van for the ride home.

I now have a brother and sister and my OWN bedroom! And all because of the the caring people from Georgia Humane Society of Atlanta. YES, I was damaged but I’m a diamond in my daddy’s eyes.



Story submitted by Ed Dobar from Conyers, Georgia.

Lacy’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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