Minerva a.k.a. Kiki

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I haven’t had a cat in six years. The cat I’d had from childhood had died in the care of a boyfriend when I was away. I was beyond heartbroken.

One day when my husband and I were about to take our two dogs out, I decided to go to the backyard. It’s more work to watch them but it’s more fun for them. We didn’t normally do it, but I felt they needed a little exercise.


When we got outside, my husband noticed a tiny kitten wandering around. As soon as it heard me calling for it, it made a beeline right for me. Despite the barking and jumping dogs who desperately wanted to smell this new arrival, she purred so loud her body vibrated with it and we could hear her over the dogs. I cannot believe that, if we’d let the dogs out in the front yard, I would have never seen this precious being.

She was the smallest kitten I had ever seen and malnourished. We took her in and gave her water and food. Then she went into shock. I did everything in my power to care for her. I promised that if she made it, I’d spoil her rotten and make her the happiest cat in the world. I could barely sleep that night, I kept getting up to check on her. Around six in the morning she woke me up with kisses and loud meows.


We’ve had her for over a year. She’s bigger than her best friend – our Chiapom – and they play fight constantly. She loves to play fetch and bat everything I am working with off tables. She’s a wonderful addition to our household and I love her dearly.

Story submitted by Rebecca Galardo from Ray City, Georgia.

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Harpo Moved

A neighbor and dear friend who lived close by was being persuaded by her family to move to a facility where she would be taken care of, as her needs had changed at age 85. She owned a beautiful home and would have no problem selling it. What kept her from moving was Harpo, a feral cat who began staying near her home and she had been feeding for 13 years. Harpo, being close to her heart, prevented her from moving on; she didn’t want to abandon him.

Having cats my whole life I told my friend I would take Harpo home with me and take care of him. So my husband and I purchased lattice to enclose our screened in porch, some litter boxes and a hiding place so Harpo would feel safe. With the help of a kindness trap, we were able to bring Harpo home.


He stayed on our screened-in porch for eight weeks. Moving ahead several years, and Harpo is now a member of our household. He has a brand new screened-in porch with his own personal heated Igloo, comes inside and visits several time a day, prefers high end cat food, and allows us to take him to the vet.

We gave Harpo the love and patience he needed and he in return has given us his acceptance and trust.

Story submitted by Geri Sink from Saint Simons Island, Georgia.

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Cupid Stole My Heart

I was heading out my back door to feed my two neutered semi-feral boys when I saw a tiny streak run after one of the boys. I wasn’t sure what it was at first. Then I heard it crying and trying to get through my fence. It was a tiny black and white kitten. I tried to grab it while it was eating, but it was too small to catch. I spent two hours on a hot humid August 2020 night getting eaten by bugs trying to catch this kitten. I tried my trap but he was too light to set it off. I came in the house crying after hours of trying because I knew he wouldn’t come back.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning and he was sleeping outside my fence. This time, I used a water bottle to prop the trap door open. I stood outside the yard hiding behind my deck hoping he would go in. I tried having a mother cat crying playing on my phone, no interest. Finally I put my cat Charlie in the yard. Charlie started crying so bad that the kitten decided to come in the yard and check out the food in the trap. I quick pulled and the water bottle dropped, the baby was mine.


I didn’t need another cat, I have a house full of cats and dogs. This baby needed me. I took him to the vet. He was 5-weeks-old and weighed a pound. He had an injured tail that caused him to loose an inch and a sore on his front paw pad. He was infested with fleas and had worms. I named him Cupid because he is one of the most loving kittens I’ve ever had. No other kittens ever showed up and no mother cat has ever been seen. Cupid was way to young to be on his own, I still don’t know how he survived. This little guy is my heart; every night he has to curl up with me for a hour before bed. I’m so lucky to have my little Cupid.

Story submitted by April Johnson from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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