Katie Miracle’s Journey Into Life

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In 2001 ‘Miracle’ was born in a tiny cage along with 6 siblings in a ‘Florida Puppy Mill’. When the owners returned the next morning, Miracle was the only surviving puppy in that cage.


Miracle’s mother, in a state of stress and anxiety, had attacked and killed her siblings and had begun her rage on Miracle by chewing her ear off. The owners took tiny Miracle to a Vet who re-attached the ear. Miracle would never again hear out of that ear.

Miracle was now ‘damaged goods’ and kept only for breeding. Miracle, along with the other females were taken to a ‘Less than Credible’ Veterinarian, who de-vocalized (cutting the vocal cords) each cocker to keep the noise level down in the mill. Miracle would never again have a voice.

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After two years of bearing litters, it was deemed that Miracle was now ‘used up’. She was scheduled for Euthanasia with the same ‘less than credible’ Veterinarian.

Miracle was lucky; she had The Cockers Rescue Org. Through their efforts they saved Miracle along with the remaining cockers scheduled for euthanasia. We found ‘Cockers Rescue’ and contacted them.

Each cocker spaniel had stories of tragedies and triumphs’, but Miracle’s story touched our hearts.

PHOTO: Sherry Lee

We decided to call her Katie, leaving the remnants of her past with Miracle.

Katie was nervous when we got home. She seemed lost and afraid. She tried getting under tables, beds, etc. Katie had only been accustomed to being caged or crated. We felt the need buy a crate. We kept the crate in the living room with the door open at all times. Katie eventually never went back in.

We never asked anything of Katie, but in return, she gave us everything. She will forever be the shining star in our memories.

Goodbye Katie ~ you are loved.

All too frequently, mill animals face the horrific environment and treatment Miracle endured. Many of them do not end up getting rescued. Please, as a friendly reminder, adopt and don’t shop. Let us try to end the terrible milling cycle. No living being deserves that kind of life.

Story submitted by Sherry Lee of Rossville, Georgia.

Katie’s story was originally shared on theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com. Share your very own rescue story here!

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