Our Wonderful Jeeber

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A little skinny female Beagle hound dog was rescued from death row in South Carolina by our fabulous groomer/animal rescuer, Gerry, at Dapper Dog/Hopeful Tails in Nyack, NY. She had been bred over and over and over again for hunting dog pups, and then she was “thrown away” when she got sick.

Photo: Deb Hastings

She was the saddest animal I have ever seen ever. She wouldn’t look you in the eye, had infected teats, was terrified by noises. Pitiful and so shy. She’d had every speck of personality beaten out of her which broke my heart. When I showed her to my partner there was no question, we had to take her. She needed someone to love her and make her whole again.

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Now, two years later, Jeeber has lost her fear of people. Although she still doesn’t respond to toys, she loves to poke around our big yard on the lake, running and side-swiping our King Charles, Gus (also a rescue from Gerry). Just yesterday I saw them chasing each other in the house, playing like puppies only she’s probably around 8.

Photo: Pixabay

Last weekend she learned to swim and likes to go in the kayak with Gus and me, It’s quite a boat full. In the morning she loves to lie in bed and cuddle and at bedtime she enjoys her snacks of apple and green beans. Our joy is to make her happy.

We absolutely adore her and Gus. Please don’t be afraid to take a damaged dog and shower them with the love they need but never got. She is a whole other dog now.

Story submitted by Deb Hastings, from Piermont, NY.

This rescue story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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