“Why Bother?” – Hook the Handicat

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Hook was found in a puddle of blood on the side of the road as a kitten. He was mistaken for a pile of garbage. A kind person scooped him up and brought him into the animal hospital I worked at. His chin was degloved, his back leg was broken, and at the time, it was believed his front leg was also broken. Barely breathing and covered in blood, we were unsure he would make it through the night.


In the morning, he was up, alert, and looking to eat. Though he was dragging himself around the cage, we now knew there was hope! Knowing the medical costs that were to come, I wanted to make sure all that could be done to save him would be done, so I claimed him as my own.

I remember another client in the hospital saying “Why bother?” when I explained the help he would need. The veterinarian sewed his chin back on and surgically put pins in his back leg. His front leg was frozen in a hooked position and we were unsure if it would have to be removed.


After recovering from his surgeries, he showed us how much of an advantage rather than a handicap his hook really is. It’s great for hooking the back legs of his cat friends, pulling toys out from under furniture, begging for treats, and best of all, it is perfect for cleaning his face. His hook hasn’t stopped him yet. I am so thankful I took him home! There is nothing like coming home and having him crawl up, hook around my neck purring away. That is why I “bothered.”

Story submitted by Susan Schovanec from Hamilton Square, New Jersey. Hook’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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