Woman Rescues Malnourished Dog Chained to a Tree Without Food or Water

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I was helping my niece paint a place she was moving into, and the tenants at that time had not yet moved out. A small, skinny dog was chained to a tree on the property. For three days, I watched as that dog begged to be noticed. I am not a dog person. Yet, I simply had to go say hi to her. She was dusty and dirty. It was 90 degrees that week.


The thing that grabbed my heart, though, was when I looked in her eyes. I saw a little soul saying, “Please help me.” No food. Green slime for water. No toys. No bed. Really nothing but dirt under the tree and a barren doghouse. Finally I decided I simply could not leave her there! My niece offered the guy $50 and he couldn’t take the money fast enough! She came home with me that day. Eighteen pounds, head wider than rib cage. Ribs and spine showing!

She was an angel in disguise. She’s now my service dog. My constant companion. And at 34 pounds, is her ideal weight. Under the dust was a gorgeous brindle coat. And still those gorgeous expressive eyes and silly ears!

I have so many stories about our journey to this point. Recently she put her anxiety training skills to use and located a child in the surf on Myrtle Beach. Turns out she couldn’t find her mom. I took the girl to my hotel office and her mother was located. NINETEEN blocks away! My little Heidi did that!


It’s been almost five years now. She is still my angel. She loves everyone she meets. I sometimes refer to her as “everyone’s dog” that happens to live with me. Thinking about this girl watching people from a chain that is still embedded in that tree, and wanting nothing more than to be with people still breaks my heart sometimes.

Sometimes prayers you didn’t even know needed to be answered are answered, and Heidi is the answer to my prayers!

Story submitted by Maggi from Vandalia, Ohio.

Heidi’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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