Stray Cat Gradually Brings Seven Kittens to Nearby Home

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Girly Girl, or Girls as we now call her, showed up on our doorstep one afternoon. This was in February in North Dakota, so it was still very cold at night. She was pregnant and was missing the tips of her ears due to frostbite. My wife and I started leaving food and water out under the trailer where it was dry.

After having her babies somewhere safe, because we looked and couldn’t find them, she started showing up at our back door twice a day. In fact, she knew what time I left for work in the morning and would be waiting for me when I left the house to get fed and be pet.


One night I heard some commotion outside from our other cats who were in our fenced yard. When I went to look, Girls had brought a baby to us. So tiny and just barely able to walk. I scooped up the kitten and took it inside. It had an eye infection, so I started to clean it when I heard more noise outside.

Over the course of a couple of hours, Girls brought a total of seven kittens to us. We made up the spare bedroom for them, as it was a weekend and we couldn’t get the to the no kill shelter/veterinarian we use for our cats.

First thing Monday morning we took them in, and over the the course of a couple months they were nursed back to health by the wonderful staff and all kittens found loving homes. Shortly after, my wife and I went back and adopted Girls. The vet estimated her age at 2 years, so young to have gone thru so much.


Today three years later, she is a happy and healthy loving kitty who will never go without a full bowl of food and fresh water and will never have to survive a winter outside in North Dakota.

Story submitted by Scott from Killdeer, North Dakota.

Girls’ story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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