Our Fabulous Faye

Faye is a German Shepherd about 12 years old we believe. She was living in the backyard of her home and was in very poor condition when we discovered her.

She was ate up with fleas, crippled with arthritis and both eyes were terribly infected and she was blind from never having any medical care.

PHOTO: Barbara Gilpin

We asked the owner if we could take her and the other dog that lived there to the Vet and get them some help. The old lady didn’t care and we did our best to care for the two dogs all summer with good food, flea meds and eye meds.

When Winter came I could not bear the thought of those poor dogs living outside in the cold being old and in such poor health.

They had never been in the house. We asked if we could take them and keep them in my husband’s shop during the cold months.

In the Spring, I was taking them back home in April after having kept them warm and fed during the cold Winter and the old lady told me I should just keep them. I was thrilled. I brought both of them home.

We had to have one of Faye’s eyes removed it was so bad and she is on meds for the rest of her life.

They have lived with us for over a year now and sleep in the living room on big fluffy blankets. They have had the best food and medicine.


We were told Faye had cancer and probably only had hours, maybe days to live. Well, that was 3 months ago and she is still alive and taking walks, eating and on occasion raises a little cain with barking.

She is our miracle girl. I have said I should have changed her name to Timex because she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

We love our big, old crippled up blind girl and will until the day she is gone.

Story submitted by Barbara Gilpin of Indianapolis, Indiana.

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