Cat Rescued After Being Declawed, Abandoned By Family

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My first family must not have liked me, or they liked their furniture more than me. They had me declawed and then liked me even less, probably because of behavioral issues. I didn’t trust them for doing such a thing to me. I wondered why they adopted me in the first place.


Then they moved away and left me behind. Just left me to fend for myself, declawed. A nice lady in the neighborhood started feeding me. But my only defense against other cats was biting. I had learned not to trust people, so I only let her pet me briefly. She didn’t know I was declawed.

Someone looking for a lost cat in my area came across me and thought I had been dumped. She contacted a lady who came and catnapped me. This lady didn’t realize I was being cared for until she posted my photo on social media. A friend of my caretaker recognized me, and the catnapper was busted! I will refer to her as Mom now because she adopted me with the caretaker’s approval.

Mom took me to the vet and my coat was so bad, I had to be shaved. They did bloodwork and discovered I had kidney disease. My previous caretaker judged my age to be about 15.


Mom makes my food, which is a recipe for cats with kidney disease. I have my own room and run of the house. Sadly, there are other cats and I learned early on not to let my guard down, so we don’t get along.

I follow Mom around and nip at her ankles when I’m hungry. She thinks it’s funny and has never gotten mad. When it was warm, I could go through a pet door in the window and bask in the sun in an enclosed area. I have to say after ten months here, I like having a warm bed, warm meals when I ask Mom, and being accepted for who I am. I know when my time comes Mom will not let me suffer.

Story submitted by Millie Reddig from Boise, Idaho.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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