Dog Loses His Eyes Due to Neglect, But He Doesn’t Hold a Grudge

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I rescued him two years ago. He was collapsed in the street suffering from heat stroke. I brought him home and tried to find owners. He had cataracts really badly at the time. When we couldn’t find the owners, a friend asked if they could have him. Since the shelters were full, I agreed but kept in contact.


One night last August, one of the friends reached out to me to talk. I asked about the dog. He said, “He got off the leash,” and he didn’t know where he was. Since he had cataracts, I knew he wouldn’t be able to see well.


The friend refused to tell me where he got off leash, cross-roads or any info. I made posters on social media and lost pet groups. Someone told me they saw a post and he was at the humane society, so we dropped everything and went there. We did not recognize him. My “friends” did not take care of his eyes like they said, and they burst from the pressure. They said he was in extreme pain, so they removed both of his eyes!


I cried when I saw him, but as soon as he heard my voice, he was right there beside me. We brought him home, and he is the greatest dog ever. With all that he has been through, he is the most loving dog. He does not carry a grudge, he is not aggressive or anything. I am truly amazed and have learned a lot from him. (I have had people do me wrong with less results than this dog has, and yet, I was ready to cut them loose). I am also a wildlife rehab volunteer, and he goes everywhere with me. He even tries to comfort the animals that are injured.

As a side note, I never wanted a pit bull. I heard the stories, but I have always been a believer that it is the owner not the dog. If a Yorkie bites me, I can still keep my finger. If a pit bull bites me, I could lose my whole hand. But this dog has changed my life! I am whipped!


We need him Creed (after Apollo Creed in the movie Rocky) because he is a fighter, and even though he kept getting knocked down, he kept getting up. And I am forever grateful, because he is my world!

This story was submitted by Karen Sauer in support of Four Legged Ranch. To read other stories from the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest, click here!

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