‘Wild’ Apartment Complex Stray Finally Finds Home in One of the Units

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Crazy was the resident stray at our apartment complex; she was already here when we moved in. The neighbors gave her the name because she was wild and vicious. She was pregnant more often than not, but she’d always have her babies in the woods. We never saw them.


We began leaving food out for her so she would, at the very least, be well-fed enough to nurse. Crazy would bolt as soon as she saw us, so we resigned ourselves to feeding her with no expectations of earning her trust. In time, however, we were able to stand in her periphery while she ate. As more time passed, she would let me pet her once or twice, while feeding, before she would bristle and hiss. I considered this a milestone, upon which my concern for her wellbeing turned to absolute love.

As time passed, I found I was allowed to sit beside her during those daily feedings. I would talk to her softly and tell her that I loved her. The last time she was pregnant, I brought her food bowl inside. She would come in to eat and then go back out. Just days before she gave birth, I built a soft, warm nest for her outside our door, hoping she’d have her babies there.


She did. At six weeks, we turned her babies over to a no-kill shelter foster program and took her in to be spayed. Upon returning home, she expressed no interest in staying indoors and so she remained an outside cat. Months later, the overnight temperature was forecast to be 6 degrees, so we brought her inside… she’s been in with us ever since.

She’s our great big roly poly couch potato, snuggle bunny. We loved the crazy out of her because we knew that no stray is hopeless and every cat deserves a chance to love and to be loved.


Story submitted by Melinda from Anderson, South Carolina.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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