Cody’s New Life

We just had two dogs pass in 3 weeks; 10 year old from bone cancer and 11 yr old from a massive stroke. We were just devastated.


We were informed about a male German Shepard at our local pound that was running out of time. I went to the shelter and adopted him sight unseen. When the Vet Tech brought him to me from the infirmary, I just about fell over from shock.

Here was an 18 month old GSD that weighed 40 lbs and had over 38 bite marks on his head and neck. One ear was shorter than the other and the vet could see the bite marks on the scar tissue. Obviously Cody had been attacked as a puppy and again right before he was dumped at the pound.

The first two months were very difficult. Cody had numerous medical problems and he would not eat.

I cooked so many home-made meals it became routine. After about 4 months, we started to see Cody’s real personality. He started eating but was still uncomfortable with basic situations. Riding in the car was a real challenge. He would glue himself to the floorboard.

After several months we rescued a rottie girl and that helped Cody gain the confidence he has today. Our fur babies are very bonded. Cody weighs approximately 100 lbs and does not worry about his past. Riding in the car has also changed. When it is bye-bye time, it is a race to see who gets in the truck/car first.


It was a ruff start for Cody. However, he has become the most loving and loyal fur baby. His little sister, Rayne Marie, is very bonded with him.

It was an upward climb, but it was totally worth every challenge and trial we went through with both dogs. Our fur babies are healthy, happy and very much loved. There is a saying that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. Our treasures are named Cody and Rayne.

Story submitted by Marlaina L. of Lancaster, California.

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