Overlooked and Room for Two More

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I have a multiple-cat household (more than three), but decided after losing two senior cats within a month of each other that I did not need to bring in any more cats. My heart ached after the back-to-back loses, so I could not consider another cat. It was certainly quieter, and I was content.


Almost a year and a half later, I was attending a town meeting with the town animal shelter being a main topic. The shelter was questioned about their adoption processes and rate. Then it was asked how long had the longest cat and dog residents been at the shelter. The dogs were adopted within six months, but the cats seemed to linger. The longest cat resident had been there five years. My heart sank. Then the shelter rep corrected herself and said that cat was just adopted but another was there for four years. My heart sank again. Every pet deserves a home.

Then I asked, what color is the cat? Grey and white (my favorite). Was the cat a senior? No, been there since a kitten (heart sank deeper). Was there something wrong? No, just overlooked. Ok, I’ll be in on Saturday to adopt the cat. On Saturday, I came with my carrier. While the shelter staff was trying to figure out which cat she was, my husband fell for a second cat, a white and grey tabby-mix cutie-pie. She had been overlooked in the shelter for two years.

Both girls came home with us that day, over 9 1/2 years ago, and I am so glad I took the overlooked, plain-Jane girls. The 4-year-old was renamed Chloe, and she’s my girl. Snuggles with me at night, but very lazy (lies down to drink and eat), and loves to sleep on my bed. The 2-year-old was renamed Leia. She loves to ambush and surprise the other cats. And she has the quietest, squeaky meow, almost silent.


Both girls know that this is their home and we are family. One of the best decisions I made. They have filled my heart. From now on when I adopt from a shelter, I’ll always go for the overlooked resident.

Story submitted by Karen Labazzetta from Bloomingdale, New Jersey.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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