Stray Cat ‘Had Other Plans’, Gets Neighbor to Foster Her, and Finds New Home

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There were several stray cats that lived around my apartment complex. I left out food for them on a fairly regular basis, but the vast majority were feral and wanted nothing to do with humans. One little kitty, however, had other plans.


I had seen this pretty fluffy little ‘calitorbie’ cat more than once, and we jokingly called her a calitorbie because no one could decide whether or not she had enough white to be a calico or was a torbie.


One night, I pulled into my parking lot and she was lying in the middle of the road, calm and completely unconcerned about the vehicles driving by. I couldn’t leave her there knowing what little fear she had for cars; she would get hit because she wasn’t scared enough to move out of the way!


I took her inside and isolated her from my other cats until I could go to the vet for an FIV/FeLuk test. It was negative, so I named the Maine Coon mix ‘Chitter’ for her chirping meow. Chitter liked my household, but with several other cats (including two queen-bee calicos), she just never seemed like my home was the place for her. So I fostered her for the animal shelter I volunteered with, and the only way she would leave my house is if she chose someone else.

I got a call about four months later from the shelter saying that someone had seen her pictures and description, and wanted to meet her. With a little trepidation, I took Chitter to the shelter to meet the people interested in her, with firm conviction that she wasn’t going anywhere! But within minutes of meeting the kind older lady and her grown son, Chitter was on his shoulder and in her arms, and I knew Chitter had chosen her new people. She gave me a nudge and a head-butt before she left, and I knew she had found her forever family. I miss her, but she is a happy, healthy, ruling calitorbie queen in her own home.


Story submitted by Marianne from Ashland City, Tennessee.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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