Kitten with Only Two Legs Overcomes Challenges with Help of Foster Family

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Rescuing Charlotte is not really how this story goes. When she came into our lives at 6 weeks of age as a foster kitten, we had no idea how to help her. With only two back legs, a strong, stout tail, and a voracious appetite, “Pretty,” as she had been called originally by the shelter, needed a lot of help.


“Pretty” needed to be entertained and in motion continuously as she was grossly overweight by the time the shelter and our family received her. “Pretty” needed to exercise often and learn how to strengthen up her back legs, as well as get her rudder moving. She began by chasing string that we would dangle in front of her.

“Pretty” needed to find her kitten instincts of digging in the litter box. Without front paws this task was a hurdle. Litter training took several weeks but once we paired her up with our other kitten, the two quickly mirrored each other. Initially, “Pretty” sat in the litter like a child playing in a sandbox. She did this for several days until one weekend she graduated to a litter trained 3-month-old kitten.

Having been rescued in the Charlotte area, my family felt it most appropriate to change this beautiful angel’s name to “Charlotte,” as she personified all great things the people in the region provide. Having an animal with no arms, who so greatly relies upon arms from birth is truly a miracle. Our foster kitten Charlotte highlights that each day, though it may be tough, none of us know how it will play out. There are no certainties but all attempts and efforts are worth it.


The rescue of Charlotte could never have happened without the shelter and their staff, the vet and his amazing staff, and all who donated to helping bring Charlotte out of her previous situation.

Story submitted by Laura from Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Charlotte’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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