After Being Rescued From Dog Fighting, Pooch Becomes Loving ‘Protector’

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What is the meaning of family? “Having someone to love you unconditionally in spite of you and your shortcomings!” What better definition could you give our boy Champ? He is a pup that was rescued from dog fighting.


With his natural instincts of being an Akita, a fierce protector, it may seem odd that he has thrived in a family with four small cats for over 5 years now. His other hereditary attribute of being loyal and loving trumped everything, and he not only has an unlikely immediate family, but has an extended family of 7,300 Facebook followers who call themselves CHAMPions and also love and help protect him! (It is a very big family.)

Mark Twain said it best: “Everyone thinks they have the best dog and they would all be right.” Champ makes that quote complete. I know that is definitely true in our family. My sister has been taking care of my mom for a few years now, and she recently had to have an emergency surgery. I had to jump in at a moment’s notice and try to handle a situation that I was really clueless about.

I took Champ along with me, mostly because I could not leave him alone that long. He stepped up like the Champ that he is, stayed by her side, guarded her, and was her protector all three days. My mom just loved that! He was also clueless of what we were getting him into, but he handled it like family and we love him sooo much.


We are so glad he is in our family!

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