Captain Jack

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Seven months ago, I was working as a nurse at a farm when I noticed one of the farm cats up on the porch. When I opened the door she ran off, but there laid a very sick, wounded 4-week-old kitten. I swooped him up and took him to the vet where they had little hope of his survival.

Photo: Aimee Maples

He had been attacked by another animal and had several puncture wounds to his head and body, as well as a skull fracture. His back leg was also deformed and he couldn’t walk well.

The vet kept him all day and when I went to get him, I was given several options. I could take the kitten to an ER, possibly costing thousands of dollars, give him euthanasia, or (because I was a nurse) they would give me his needed medications and supplies.

So started our journey to save Jack. It was the most intense labor of love I’ve ever gone through. It was 24/7 care for days, no sleep, no leaving the house. But he was a fighter so I wanted to give him all the support I could.

Photo: Flickr/Ângela Antunes

It was about a 2-month struggle to keep him alive, the right side of his face died, he lost his eye, most of his ear, and all of the skin. My kids dubbed him Captain Jack the pirate because of his missing eye, bad leg, and black chin that looks like a beard.

Amazingly he made it and as far as his opinion goes there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s the happiest most rambunctious kitten I’ve ever known (and naughtiest). We love Jack and I’m humbled by the strength of all these creatures we are blessed to have in our lives. Jack is a living miracle, and we are glad to be his forever family.

Story submitted by Aimee Maples, from Dodgeville, WI.

Captain Jack’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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