Kitten Thought to Be a Boy is Actually a Girl, Despite Roughhousing and Not Being ‘The Dainty Type’

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I was bringing groceries to a family in need. When I pulled up, I noticed two kittens walking around the front yard, but there was no mother cat. One kitten was gray and white and investigated everything. The other was a brown tabby, and tried to make itself smaller by hiding in a cinder block.


I’m drawn to anyone who needs help, so I commented to the dad as we unloaded the groceries from my car. “Your kittens are so cute!” His face appeared sad and he said, “They showed up a week ago. There was a mother cat, but she left.” Uh oh. I said, “If you like, I’ll take the kittens to our vet and find homes for them.” He jumped on my offer because had no way to care for the kittens. So, I left with the two flea-infested, mewling kittens, each one no bigger than my hand.

Arriving at our vet, the staff immediately jumped in to help. I later brought the kittens home, intending to foster them until they could be adopted. I knew that my husband wouldn’t want a third cat, but I simply couldn’t leave the kittens there, likely to die. So, they lived in our bathroom, and I bathed them twice a day for two weeks to keep the fleas at bay and away from our other cats.


I promised that I would find homes for the kittens and I meant it. Just as I found a home for the second kitten, my husband stopped me, “We can keep the brown tabby one, if you want.” My husband had a special fondness for brown tabbies, and this one was full of spirit. The vet told us initially that the kitten was a boy. Then a few weeks later, the vet told us during Buster’s check up, “Turns out, this brown tabby is a girl.” I laughed out loud because she sure doesn’t act like it!

Buster still loves wrestling with and chasing her two big brothers. She certainly isn’t the dainty type, and almost three years later, she still makes us laugh!


Story submitted by Sherry F. from Holly Springs, North Carolina.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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