Grieving Woman Finds a New Pup Just When She Needs Him

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Along came a spider… Nah, not really – along came a furry little savior when I really, really needed him.


My husband and I lost our two Boston Terriers in January 2015. They were brothers out of the same litter, grew up together, did everything together and were our constant companions. We loved them with all our hearts. As they aged and lost their sight, hearing, balance, we knew the time was soon. The dreaded decision. But we did it, trying to put what was best for them before our selfish feelings that came from our deep love for them and the hurt inside knowing what we had to do. But, we did it and I swore I would NOT have another dog.

In March of that same year I lost my job. I was depressed and lonely and spent a lot of my days on the internet looking at pictures of dogs, mostly Boston Terriers, usually while crying over the deep pain I felt inside. Eventually I started perusing rescue sites, still mostly Bostons, but not necessarily. I was so lonely, no work to keep me busy, nobody to talk to all day, and was really kind of wallowing around in my own self-pity. Sad, but true.

One day I looked at dogs for adoption at a vet (our vet, Hope Animal Hospital) in town. There were so many beautiful dogs with stories that needed a home. But I was drawn to one – a Yorkie mix. I don’t know why because I never wanted a small (frou-frou) dog! But I called and made an appointment to visit. I went armed with doggie toys, squeaky toys, balls, etc. I filled out an application and then was introduced, and spent about an hour with the sweet little dog.


I also got the full story on him. He was approximately 2-years-old. He had been brought in by a man who found him wandering on the local highway. This good Samaritan’s name was Doug and the very good people at the vet/rescue kept the name. Doug was adopted. But the people who adopted him brought him back – said they worked all the time and couldn’t house train him and couldn’t put up with his accidents. I went home and thought a lot about Doug. In just a couple of days, I called and made another appointment to visit. During that visit I was given the news that Doug could be all mine if I wanted him, and I did!

He went right home with me that very day. When my husband got home, I took off to Wal-Mart for a shopping spree. Food, treats, toys, collar, bed everything I could think of that he might need or just want. He had a past that could not have been very pleasant for him.

In the next days, I worked with him on house training, and he learned very quickly. Just needed patience and consistency. We played fetch together a lot and started taking walks together every day; went to the local city golf course often and let him meet people. He was scruffy, so he went to the “purty parlor” and was washed and trimmed. I know he was grateful to have someone spoil him and I was SO happy to have a friend to be with and talk to during my day.


Over the almost four years that we have had him, Doug really blossomed (though to this day he still has some nervous-inconsequential habits); we bonded and he just meant the world to me, and he knows he is in his forever home.

My husband and I often called him “Dougie, Dougie doodle buggy.” Eventually, it just became Bug. Then I began to call him Love Bug, Cuddle Bug, Stink Bug.

And, I always tell him that he is the only bug I have ever loved!!

Story submitted by Jann Pittman from Shelby, North Carolina.

Bug’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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