Bryant’s Will To Live

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A co-worker of mine came to me in tears about a dog about to be euthanized at a local clinic. He was dragged by a rope by his old owner’s truck and taken, by the police, to a shelter.

PHOTO: Sara Willison

The woman that saw him being dragged called to check on him a week later and they said he was being “put down” that day. After everything he survived, he was going to killed anyways?! We couldn’t let that happen. My husband and I already had 5 rescue pets of our own; could we really pull off fostering him too?

When we picked him up, he was nervous, extremely underweight, smelled horrible, and was infested with fleas. It took a good 8 hours at our home before he even wagged his tail for us. He inhaled his food and drank more water than was imaginable!

He had sores all over his body; he was bleeding from his tail and all over his legs where he had scratched open his cuts. He was in such bad shape, we didn’t know if he would make it. We took him to the vet where they confirmed he had hook worms, whip worms, staff infection, ear infection, fungal infection, and worst of all…heart worms.

We knew there weren’t many people out there, willing to take him in with that kind of condition, so from then on, he was ours.

Today, Bryant is a vibrant, happy, healthy, loving, cuddly dog. He gets along with all of our other babies and enjoys being outside and taking car rides every chance he gets. He has been a complete blessing to our lives and we couldn’t be more happy that he rescued us; not the other way around.

PHOTO: Sara Willison

A friend said, “When I saw that dog the first night you had him home, he didn’t look like he had any will to live. I can’t believe that is the same dog…finally with so much life in him.”

It’s been an amazing journey and it took a little guy like Bryant to show us how much love can change a life.

Story submitted by Sara Willison of Perkinston, Massachusetts.

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Thrown Out on Highway

As I was driving home one evening, I came upon a deceased puppy laying in the road and it broke my heart. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tip of a dog’s tail go under the guardrail. I rushed home and got my husband. We drove back to the area and he removed the deceased puppy to the side of the road while I looked for the other pup. We looked for a couple of hours but couldn’t find him. As I went back to the truck, he howled. He could see me but was too frightened to come out of woods. We went home.

I had to work the next day, but as soon as I got off, I went right back to look for him. Again, he was hiding and would not come out. Again, he howled as I left. It poured rain that night and I slept very little because I was afraid he was injured.


Next morning I was determined to find him, so I returned to the area and decided to climb over the guardrail and up the steep hill where the road had been cut through. There he was, under a small tree above his deceased littermate’s body. Could not convince him to let me touch him. This went on for about two hours. I decided to go home and get food and water. As I started down the hill, he followed keeping his distance. Once we reached the bottom, I reached out and barely rubbed his nose. Taking a step closer, I patted his head, and one more step allowed me to grab all that loose skin on his neck. We went home.

Follow up trip to vet we discovered he had a broken leg at birth to six weeks, never set, so one leg shorter. Subsequent trips to orthopedic vet said leave it alone. Still going to get a third opinion, as arthritis will set in when older and his rear hock wobbles like a bad knee. He is a redbone coonhound and so very smart, three days and house broken. He has two cockers and a 12-year-old rescued white shepherd to keep him company. Living life much better than the person who threw him out to die.

Story submitted by Marylee Schanen from Albany, Kentucky.

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Thrown From a Car in the Dark

My husband and I were returning home from an evening out with friends. Traveling our regular route from town, we were going past a park where the speed limit is 20 mph. A white SUV ahead of us slowed almost to a stop, the passenger door opened and a dog was held out and dropped to the road. We could see him in our headlights. Looking stunned and afraid, he turned to watch the car as it sped away.

We hit the brakes and parked. A car behind us did the same. We jumped out and my husband went after him. The dog had walked out into the middle of the road. The people behind us were also out of their car and running up to us. When I came around to my husband, I could see the hope in the eyes of the dog. He was a mid-sized pit bull/boxer looking dog with a beautiful brindle coat. He let my husband take hold of his collar, and they walked to the back of the car.


There was lots of chattering by all of us: “Did you see that?” “That poor dog.” “How can somebody do that?” “Is it okay?”

My husband looked up at me and said “Do you want another dog?” My response was quick and emphatic. “Absolutely!” The driver of the other car said he would take him if we didn’t. But it was decided. We got into the car with him on my lap and started home. I was looking at his coat and his face. He looked concerned so I talked to him about how beautiful he was and that he had a stripped coat like a Tiger. My husband asked, “So will that be his name?” I thought that was perfect, so that night, instead of becoming a thrown-away dog, he became a Tiger.

He had a couple of issues that love and trips to the vet easily took care of. After being neutered, he settled down and fit into our pack perfectly.

Tiger has been with us for four years now. He has a sweet disposition and loves to cuddle. His joy and love for us is most noticeable by the thumping of his tail when we call his name or just walk into the room. We love him the same as he loves us, unconditionally.

Story submitted by Melanie from Columbia, Tennessee.

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